Strasbourg Follow-up

The Codification Division of the UN Office of Legal Affairs would greatly appreciate if all learned societies in international law could participate in its study on the means that could make documentation on customary international law more accessible. The research aims at learning more about the status of customary international law, and making suggestions on how to improve it (Rapport de la CDI, A/71/10, para. 56).

States, international organisations and other observers to the General Assembly, such as the ICRC, have already been contacted. The Codification Division now needs the support of academic societies to analyse some questions more in depth.


Of course, the participating societies will be mentioned in the official document to be submitted to the Commission during its seventieth session (2018).

All relevant information should be sent electronically to David Nanopoulos at the following email address:, and Ms. Judith Maclang-Violago at the following address:, before 1 July 2017.


  1. On behalf of the Albanian Society of International Law (ILA Albanian branch) I would like to thank the French Society for International Law for organizing the meeting and for being such great hosts! Special thanks go to its President, Professor Allain Pellet, and to his team for taking this excellent initiative and for the follow-up.
    If I would dare to highlight some of the main points made during the Meeting in Strasbourg, they would be as follows:

    – The societies must bring together academics, practitioners and government officials – this would enhance the quality of the dialogue, understanding, and ultimately/eventually use and enforcement of international law;
    – It is important to explain difficult/complex legal issues for a wider audience, so there needs to be increased media presence (especially in view of the increased pushback on certain key human rights and other issues by important countries);
    – There needs to be increased regional cooperation and sharing of information and invitations for sister societies of neighboring countries in academic and other events/ or even better, organize joint activities;

    Looking forward to other fruitful meetings and pleasant and stimulating exchanges!


    Gentian Zyberi

    Associate Professor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo

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